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The following books by Denise George are available at all major bookstores or may be ordered from this website. Please click on the books titles below for more information.

The Secret Holocaust Diaries

Johnny Cornflakes: A Story About Loving the Unloved

What Pastors Wish Church Members Knew

What Women Wish Pastors Knew

God's Gentle Whisper

Teach Your Children To Pray

Our Dear Child

Denise George has written (and had published) 25 books: (Tyndale House, Zondervan, Thomas Nelson (Women’s Study Bible), Broadman/Holman, Lifeway, Aglow, Westminster Press, Bethany House, New Hope, The Christian History Institute, and Christian Focus Publishers.)

Books by Denise George:
How to Be a Seminary Student and Survive
(Broadman-Holman, 1981)  

The Student Marriage (Broadman-Holman, 1982)

The Christian As a Consumer
(Westminster Press, with Dr. Wayne Oates) (1984)

Dear Unborn Child (Broadman-Holman 1983)

Our Dear Child (Christian Focus Publishers, Scotland, 2004)  
Dear Daughter (Broadman-Holman, 1985)

Becoming Tender In a Tough World
(Broadman-Holman, 1986)

God’s Heart, God’s Hands:
Reaching Out to Hurting Women
(LifeWay, 1996, Reprinted by New Hope Publishers, 2003)  Revised and republished as I AM My Sister's Keeper, (Christian Focus Publishers, Fall, 2011.)

Kids Can Talk to God (New Hope, 2002)

Teach Your Children to Pray
(Christian Focus, Scotland, 2004)  

God’s Gentle Whisper (Aglow, 1990)

Who Drew the Line? (written with/about AmieBeth Dickinson) (Buck Publishers, 1998)

An Unexpected Christmas: The Story of Johnny Cornflakes (New Hope, 1999, 2003)

Johnny Cornflakes: A Story About Loving the Unloved (Christian Focus Publishers, 2009—revised and republished)

When Night Becomes As Day (Broadman-Holman, 1988)

Come to the Quiet: The Secrets of Solitude and Rest (Bethany House, 2002)

Secrets of Soul Gardening (A four book women’s Bible study series) (Zondervan, 2005):

         Book One: Tilling the Soul: Prayer Penetrates Your Pain

         Book Two: Cultivating a Forgiving Heart

         Book Three: Weathering the Storm: Fear Fades as Faith Deepens. (This book has been revised and republished by Christian Focus Publishers, Fall, 2011. New title: Fight Fear With Faith.)

         Book Four: Planting Trust, Knowing Peace

What Women Wish Pastors Knew
(Zondervan, Feb. 2007)  

What Pastors Wish Church Members Knew
(Zondervan, Feb. 2009)  

The Secret Holocaust Diaries: The Untold Story of Nonna Bannister (Tyndale House, 2009. (Selected as "April's Book of the Month" by Walmart, April 2009.)

While the World Watched--A Birmingham Bombing Survivor Comes of Age During the Civil Rights Movement
(with Carolyn Maull McKinstry)
(Tyndale House Publishers, Feb. 2011.)

Denise George’s book contributions:
The Library of Christian Classics
(12 volumes, published by Broadman/Holman, co-edited with Dr. Timothy George, 2000)  

The Women’s Study Bible (contributed to)
(Published by Thomas Nelson, 1990)  

The Family Worship Bible
(contributed to: Broadman-Holman 1998)  

The History of Christianity (video/workbook set) (D. George: two accompanying workbooks, published by The Christian History Institute, 2000)

Jesus (A video series by Dr. Tom Wright).
(D. George: two accompanying workbooks, published by Christian History Institute, 2001)